Introducing Typewolf

I launched another side project recently so I wanted to give it a quick mention on the blog here. Typewolf is a curated design showcase that focuses on typography and web fonts. There are a lot of design inspiration sites out there but here is what makes Typewolf different.

1) Typewolf identifies the fonts used in the designs. And you can easily view sites that use a certain font. For example, Montserrat font, Avenir font, Brandon Grotesque font, etc.

2) Typewolf has a section that features the best open-source web fonts on Google Fonts. I work on a lot of design projects where using Google Fonts is the only option for web fonts. Browsing the Google Fonts directory can be overwhelming so I’ve hand-picked the best fonts available. This section is constantly updated as new fonts are released.

3) The thumbnail graphics on Typewolf are not scaled-down. This makes it easy to clearly see the typographic details without having to always click through to the site.

4) Typewolf is updated daily and only the absolute highest quality sites are featured.

My goal is to make Typewolf the only inspiration site designers need to visit, so please check it out! You can also follow Typewolf on Tumblr.

Typewolf Web Fonts Showcase

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