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Now iPhone/iPad/mobile compatible!

How It Works

  1. Purchase a site and receive an instant download link.
  2. The site is already put together - just add your own logo, content and images and edit all the colors. No programming knowledge is needed and you don't need to own the fonts. The only software you need is a text editor and an image editing program like Photoshop.
  3. Upload your new website to your web host. Done!

Why Buy Warm Forest Flash Templates?

  • Quickly have a professional site up with no knowledge of Flash or ActionScript - focus on the design and content instead of dealing with the complexities of programming
  • Although online help and documentation is available, the goal is to have Warm Forest sites be so simple and intuitive that it's not even needed
  • All sites are iPhone/iPad/iPod touch friendly and accessible to users without Flash installed as well as being completely W3C valid XHTML 1.0
  • I learned AS3 so you don't have to - ActionScript has become too complicated and too time consuming for most designers to bother learning
  • Nearly everything can be customized by you the designer without knowing any ActionScript - from the names of the sections to the border color of the form fields
  • Owning Flash is not required - everything is set through external XML files
  • No watermarks or Warm Forest branding of any kind so the site will look like your own
  • All sites were designed with a strong focus on typography, grids and usability
  • Code is well organized and follows industry standard best practices
  • Every site is built using the latest technologies including SWFObject and SWFAddress
  • All sites have been tested and tested and tested - all of the code is rock solid and just works
  • All Flash source code comes with the download - including all FLA's and ActionScript classes - great for learning how a professional, best practices following Flash site is put together
  • Free upgrades for life - if a new feature is added or a bug fixed you are entitled to a free update to the latest version

Frequently Asked Questions

You claim "all sites are iPhone/iPad/iPod touch friendly and accessible to users without Flash installed" - how exactly does that work since the iPhone doesn't support Flash?

Users visiting a Warm Forest site on an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch are automatically redirected to a simplified non-Flash mobile version of the site which is customizable. Users on other mobile devices and users who do not have the Flash plugin installed will see alternate content on the homepage urging them to upgrade their Flash Player as well as providing a link to the non-Flash mobile version of the site. This ensures your content is accessible to all users on all devices. Everything is even W3C valid XHTML 1.0.

iPhone friendly

The above is showing how a Warm Forest site looks on my iPhone - if you have an iPhone browse to any of the Warm Forest demos to check out a live version. All Warm Forest sites now have this functionality.

What kind of skillset do I need to use these sites? I have no Flash experience and don't even know what XML is.

I've had customers with absolutely zero web experience put together their sites with no problems. If you have any experience editing HTML/XML, then you will be ahead of the game.

As far as technical skills, all you need to be able to do is edit XML files and create JPG images of your work. An XML file is just a text file that holds the content for a website. The website reads the XML and builds the site according to what is in the XML file. Just open the XML file in any text editor and start changing the values. After editing, refresh the web page in the browser to see the results. For example, you might see something like projectTitle="Your Project Title" - just change the "Your Project Title" part to what you want. That's it!

What software do I need to have installed to use Warm Forest sites?

All you will need is some type of image editing program (like Photoshop) to save JPGs of your work and a text editor like Notepad which any operating system will already come with. A more robust editor like Dreamweaver would be helpful but not required. I personally recommend Notepad++ as a text editor which you can download for free. Owning Flash is not required.

Do I need to own the fonts used in the sites? Can I change them?

You do not need to own the fonts – the fonts are embedded in the SWFs. You can make changes to the XML and customize all the colors and content all without having to own the font. However, if you make source code customizations and try to republish the FLA inside of Flash you will need to have the font on your computer. Changing fonts is fairly easy inside the FLA if you have experience with Flash and AS3.

Do you host the sites for us?

No. Customers download the complete sites from Warm Forest and upload them to their own sites. If you are looking for a cheap and reliable web host, I always recommend DreamHost.

About Me


Hello. I'm Jeremiah and I am a freelance Interactive Art Director & Flash Developer working out of the Washington, DC area. After six years working fulltime in the interactive industry, I set out on my own as a freelancer in 2007. I started Warm Forest as a way to earn extra money during slow times in my freelance business.

When not in front of the computer you'll probably find me either playing/listening to music or doing something outdoors like running, fly fishing or birdwatching.

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